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Do you hunt snow geese?
Yes, your guide, Matt, has hunted snow geese from the age of 9, giving him 34 years experience with the birds.  He meticulously maintains the decoy spread, using the latest in technology to fool these smart birds.  Snow geese are unpredictable, but your chances of a good hunt are best with Frontier Waterfowl Guide Service.

What kind of blinds do you use?
Frontier Waterfowl Guide Service uses A-Frame blinds,layout blinds or white suits for all field hunting.  This is to stay mobile and set-up exactly where the birds want to be.

Can I bring my own retriever?
In most cases the guides dog handles all retrieving. We will make exceptions if you book the whole field with your group and your dog is well trained and you feel your dog can perform in the hunting situations Matt describes.

How far from the lodging do we hunt?
On average, we hunt within 1 – 75 miles of the lodging, sometimes more, sometimes less.

How do we process our birds?
Your guide, Matt, will have an area for you to clean your birds, or he can do it for you for a fee.  He will also dispose of cleaned carcasses for you.

What’s your deposit policy?
A 50% per hunter deposit is required to confirm your dates, No Refunds.

Are your hunts physically demanding?
Not at all.  Water hunts are as easy as getting in the boat. Fall field hunts require help in setting out/picking up decoys if you are physically able.

Do you mix parties?
We mix parties to get 7 hunters on field hunts in the fall, 10 hunters in the spring and 4-5 hunters on water duck hunts.

How much ammo do I need?
We recommend a minimum of 50 shells per hunter, per day.  If you are on a snow goose hunt, we recommend 75 shells per hunter, per day.

What else do I need to bring?
A list of “What to Bring” will be provided to you as part of your hunt confirmation package upon receipt of your deposit.